Everything you need to know about Google Plus

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/MartinShervington?feature=watch This tutorial is an index of almost 70 Google Plus features, hints and tips you may or may not know about! My FREE 25 video course: "Are you commoogling?" will launch soon... Perfect if you are just getting started or simply want to brush up on your skills. Below is a list of what is covered in this video: Formatting text in posts - how to do bold How to do italic How to do a strikethrough Set up a circle with just yourself to do a text How to edit a post How to disable comments How to lock a post How to delete You cannot link to an unlimited post How to link to a post How to find ripples Adding people into circles from ripples Finding the influencers with the most public reshares How to drag and drop in an image How to add text to an image How to change the font How to edit photos - change the font and colour How to add effects inc. speech bubbles How to add a pixelate effect How to crop an image How to resize an image Choosing 800x600 as the largest size, or nearest you can do Sending to email address, Sending to circles, Sending to extended circles Or sending to public How to add in multiple images to create an album How to scroll through a photo album once sent How to add a link to a post How to add a link - alternative way How to add a file from the desktop How to add a video via YouTube How to make an event How to alter the theme of the event How to change your profile picture How to change your cover picture How to edit your profile How to hide or show who you have in circles Looking at your notifications Visiting the home stream Shifting between streams based on the circle content Changing the name of a circle Dragging and dropping circles Dragging and dropping items on the side bar Press explore to find 'what's hot' How to +1 and share +theirname leaving a comment editing a comment deleting a comment +1ing their comment Seeing who else has +1d or reshared Sending someone an email from G+ page Muting someone Blocking and reporting Sending feedback on the system Finding your settings Seeing a trend going up, going down or staying the same Click on a trend to find that content Use a hashtag to search for content Filter the search Pausing the stream How to receive notifications from a circle How to change the volume of content from a circle in my home stream More streams on the homepage under the tab Using J and K to jump up and down posts in a stream Using J and K to move through notifications Hope you enjoyed it!
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