What is SPNVideos?

A fresh, creative web application that allows you to upload, enhance, and share digital video easily and quickly inside your web browser.

I have registered in SPNVideos, but there is not Confirmation mail in my Inbox!!

A verification email is sent to your address the moment you click on the "Send verification mail" button, still it may take some time to reach your inbox. Please check your spam, if you do not find verification mail in your inbox.

Is SPNVideos really free?

Yes, absolutely!

What are "tags"?

Tags are a way of identifying the content inside of a video. SPNVideos has three types of tags: Global tags, Timed tags, and User tags.

Global tags are used to describe the video as a whole (like “Battle of Britain” or “Trip to the Chicago Zoo”). Timed tags are attached to specific moments in the video and describe what is going on in that moment (like “water splash” or “dog bark”). User tags describe attributes or characteristics unique to that user (like “unicyclist” or “athlete”).

The cool thing about tags is that they allow our search engine to look inside the video itself for specific content—somebody searching for “gazelle” might find a video of an African safari. Tags are separated with spaces.

Do I have to download any third party software to use SPNVideos?

Besides Adobe® Flash® 9 and up (you can download the latest version here), there is no third party software that you will need.

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer, please restart your browser after installing Adobe® Flash®.

What kind of web browser should I use?

Any modern, standards-complaint web browser should work just fine, so you can't go wrong with Firefox, Safari, Opera, Camino, or OmniWeb. SPNVideos also plays well with Internet Explorer 6 and up.

What are the system requirements?

SPNVideos should work fine on any computer running Windows 98 and up, as well as Mac OS X and Linux.

How do I upload videos to SPNVideos?

One of the most common tasks to do on SPNVideos is to upload a video file that is stored on your computer. SPNVideos's uploading tools accept many different file types for nearly every common video format. Here is how you upload a video file from your computer to SPNVideos:

  • Log into SPNVideos using your username and password.
  • Once logged in, click Upload from the main navigation bar.
  • Fill out the title & description for your video. (In description, please do not add any !@#$%^&*()<>=- or comma,full stop or any other signs )
  • Choose tags for your video. Enter one or more tags, separated by spaces.
  • Choose appropriate channel for your video. (you can choose 1 to 3 channels for your video)
  • Click the "Browse" button on the left hand side of the Uploader.
  • Choose whether or not you'd want the video to be made public..
  • Click Upload!
  • A page which demands "Date & Location Details (Optional)" It is good to mention the date, location and country because if you dont enter those details the and error would occur. Click on save changes.
  • Your Video is Live now!!!

When I try to upload a video file which is .3gp or .flv which you mentioned is the extension which is allowed on the site and can be uploaded but I get the an error which says "Sorry uploading files in this format is not allowed" Please help

  • You need to make sure that the filename should not be more than 32 characters.
  • Also that if your file name is "my home video" then make it without spaces like "myhomevideo" without quotes and your video will be uploaded.
  • You can even put numbers like "TripToZoo77" or "triptozoo1" or anything you like. Special characters like !@#$%^&*()<>=- are not allowed in the videoname. If you make sure to have a file name without spaces, no problems should occur.

It's taking a very long time for my video(s) to upload! Can you speed things up?

We've worked hard to make sure the encoding process is as expedient as possible, but unfortunately circumstances out of our control conspire against us and slow things down. In other words—patience, young grasshopper.

In the meantime, if you're bored, make a new tab (or window) in your browser and check out other people's videos.

Is there a limit to the size of the videos I can upload?

Right now the limit is at 50 MB.

I tried to upload something, and I got an error!

Please contact us with the details, and we'll try to sort through the problem and get your video online.

By the way, when uploading files on the Mac, sometimes your browser will become unresponsive and you might get an error message like this:

“A script in this movie is causing Macromedia Flash Player 8/9 to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?”

This is an issue with the performance of the Flash plugin on the Mac. Clicking “No” will allow the script to continue and it should complete. Unfrotunately, sometimes it will stall completely. These are known issues with Flash on the Mac and we're doing what we can to resolve them.

What kinds of video files can I upload?

We support these file formats: .avi .dv .qt .mpg .mpg2 .mpeg2 .mpeg4 .mp4 .3gp .3g2 .asf .wmv .flv Impressive, ain't it?

I'm unable to view a video. What's wrong?

You probably need to download Adobe Flash (download the latest version here). If you're still having difficulty after you've installed Flash, please let us know

How do I view a video in full screen?

On the bottom right side of the player, select Menu Full Screen. A new pop-up window will appear (Please make sure you allow popups from if you are using Mozilla Firefox.)

How do I share videos with my friends and family?

There are three ways to do this: 1) You can copy the Video URL and then mail it or share it by putting the link in Instant Messages or anywhere you like. 2) Put this video on your website, just copy the code and then post the player in the website. Works on Friendster, eBay, Blogger, MySpace!

What are “friends”?

Friends are two users who have mutually agreed to be designated as friends. You can share your videos exclusively with your friends, or only with specific friends. We think the social networking aspect of Viddler is important because it brings people together and lets them communicate through the website.

Can I delete a video?

Sure. Click your username on the top right side of the site. Click on “My Videos” section, find the right video, and click “delete”. This action is final, so please don't ask us to get it back if you change your mind.

I want to change my username. Can you do this for me?

Unfortunately, no. This isn't possible at the moment. You may have to sign up again.

Can I update my profile information?

Yes, Click your username on the top right side of the site. Click on My Profile, and you can edit any piece of information you want! 

So all the kiwi's out there, dont hesitate to Xpress yourself!!!

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